Function and Safe Use of Dipped Gloves

2021/01/06 11:38

Dipping is one of the labor protection gloves. For gloves, there are many types of safety gloves. In addition to chemical resistance, there are also anti-cutting, electrical insulation, waterproof, cold, thermal radiation, and fire-resistant and flame-retardant. It is particularly necessary to clarify that the general anti-acid and alkali-resistant gloves are not equivalent to chemical-resistant protective gloves. Since many chemicals have different soaking capabilities compared to the raw materials of the gloves, they should be selected when needed. Soaked safety gloves. Furthermore, according to the characteristics of safety protective gloves, referring to the possible touch timings, the appropriate gloves should be selected, and the concentration of chemicals should be considered to determine that the gloves can withstand the concentration. For example, gloves made of natural rubber can withstand low-concentration inorganic acids but cannot resist concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid. Rubber gloves have an outstanding blocking effect on pathogenic microorganisms and radioactive dust.

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For the correct use of protective gloves, check whether the gloves are damaged before each use; wear rubberized gloves before handling hazardous substances or operating dangerous processes; after removing contaminated gloves, avoid exposure of contaminants and contact with the skin; Contaminated gloves should be wrapped first before discarding; re-use protective gloves should be thoroughly cleaned and air-dried after use; choose appropriate size gloves and place the protective gloves in a dry, dark, and constant temperature environment; there are a lot of chemical residues When cleaning, use a suitable solvent to clean, but avoid using corrosive cleaning fluids; fully dry the gloves after they are cleaned. Unless instructed by the manufacturer, do not dry the gloves with heat, which will cause the gloves to age quickly.

Another type of protective gloves is a protective product that protects the hands of workers from physical, chemical, biological and other external factors during labor. Dipped gloves, stainless steel wire gloves, can only be said to be limited protection. Enterprises must improve the safety devices of the equipment; used on the high-speed rotating blades of cutting equipment, steel wire gloves can only be used for short-term protection (and shut down in time) , If the machine cannot be stopped in time, the wire gloves will also be sawn off