Company culture

Virtuous and Morality

hold world with virtue, hold will with high aspirations

“Virtuous and Morality” is the character and quality of Jichai. Jichai, built in 1920, has a profound historical and cultural heritage, forms a kind of virtuous and inclusive character. In the process of building an international enterprise, Jichai will carry forward the traditional virtues, highlight the inherent quality, and constantly promote scientific and harmonious development.

Aggressive and initiative

Keep forward with keen determination and self - discipline

"Enterprising" is the characteristic of Jichai. Enterprising is a positive status, is the cornerstone of the promotion and breakthrough, is the guarantee of enterprise eternal vitality. Only by keeping a positive and enterprising spirit and constantly striving for self-improvement, can jichai continuously obtain competitive advantages and remain invincible.


Credibility and integrity

Integrity is the traditional virtue of Chinese nation, as well as the basic requirement of market economy and the Jichai’s foundation capital, development basic and reputation source. Only hold integrity as the basic in the process of communicating with customers, partners and relevant stakeholders, can Jichai win the market and benefit.


Creation and Innovation

Innovation is the powerful guarantee in winning market for enterprise, the key element in reinforcing enterprise competitiveness and the basic condition in achieving industry leader. Jichai strives to create an innovative atmosphere and promote the sustainable development with eternal innovation.