Anti-cut PVC Coated Gloves, Labor Protection Gloves That You Must Know

2021/05/27 17:32

No matter in People's Daily life or on some industrial production, industrial equipment maintenance, we all have to labor protection gloves, and the cut of the gloves is our most common application of Labour protection glove, Labour protection against cut glove arm function mainly work safety protective equipment, prevent cutting arm by industrial equipment of friction. Let's take a closer look at what a cut-proof glove is.

Anti-cutting gloves are a new type of labor protection gloves instead of point plastic gloves. The materials are of high quality and pay attention to. It is also the new product that labor protection supplies market sells now. Anti-cutting gloves are made of nitrile grinding gloves and HPPE+PU adhesive, which can reasonably and effectively prevent oil pollution. At the same time, the professional vulcanized rubber production line is used to promote the production and manufacturing of gloves, which are soft and ductile, comfortable to wear, easy activities, no strange smell, strong adhesion, good wear resistance, neat style and other advantages.

Its remarkable characteristics are super wear-resistant, good ductility, easy and quick to take off, comfortable air permeability, no harm to arm joint activities, and can effectively prevent the damage caused by CNC blades and sharp tools to the hand heart and fingers. It is suitable for many industries and natural environments. In addition, it also improves the versatility of rubber gloves themselves. For example, oil soiled natural environment ground skid function, anti - tear, anti - puncture function.

Anti-cutting gloves as a common kind of my safety protection equipment, you can choose suitable cost-effective anti-cutting gloves according to the working environment. Widely used in engineering, construction, mining, metal materials, industrial equipment manufacturing, laminated glass, hardware, mechanical and electrical, industrial production and practical operation of labor protection, is an ideal arm protection supplies. Warm remind everyone in the daily operation must wear labor protection gloves, safety is the most important.