Green Nitirle Chemical Gloves

2021/07/24 11:31

Nitrile Gloves: Made of high-end nitrile, which has more tear and abrasion resistance, and especially chemical resistance (like oil, acid, alkali and solvent) than natural rubber gloves

Texturing Covers: Slip-resistant texturing cover in finger/ palm part and increases friction to ensure a better grip and control

Right Size: 15 mils thickness to ensure a snug fit for dexterity and sensitivity; And their length go more than half way up forearm, protecting your skin and hand while you work

Caring Yourself: Flock odor resistant lining to keep hands from sweating. BTW, those cleaning nitrile gloves are powder free, latex-free, Vinyl-Free and have no noxious smell

Wide Application: Used for household cleaning, dishwashing, car washing, garden work, chemical processing and more